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T-Mobile offering Samsung Gear VR for 50 percent off


T-Mobile is offering a great deal on the Samsung Gear VR. You can pick one up from the carrier for $49.97, half-off the regular price of $99.99.

This seems to be the model that launched alongside the long departed Galaxy Note 7, as it includes a USB Type-C adapter (though it’s still compatible with microUSB devices).

If you want to give virtual reality a try, hit the source link and pick one up while it’s still on sale! It won’t be as good as a full fledged Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but for a mobile accessory, it’s actually pretty good.

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  307. Oh this is so sad…I got a hateful one saying “You should be skinned alive along with El Bardei and others supporting the Arab Spring”….It throws you doesn’t it? You put yourself out there and ask for respectful dialogue. Interesting that I just wrote one on the Komen/PP thing and people were really respectful. Several disagreed but with respect and rationale. Thanks for sharing this so the rest of us can confess to how we feel and react.

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  315. This brought me to tears, Kari. The brevity and reality of the families’ situation you mentioned … how I can so deeply relate to their pain. But more so the reality of how I am guilty of putting on that same facade at times. How I long to be more a part of the Jesus culture than my own. Faith and love in action. It’s easy to say the words, not so easy to live those words on a consistent basis. Love you Kari! Thank you for this!

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  318. Thanks again for sharing your day, Darrelyn! A few years ago, when I was visiting my mother in a Florida hospital, we also watched Everybody Loves Raymond. That was the first time I’d ever seen it. I’m not much of a sitcom watcher, but that show is one of my favorites : )

  319. It is very true that can happen, but I have come to be okay with it. Sometimes even the best of friends cannot stand each other!On particularly bad days, though, we even spring for the lava cake. If you like lava cakes and are open to the chain-restaurant version, Applebees has the BEST one.

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  323. Thanks for all your kind words. Johnny, you made me laugh!!!!!Richard: As Trade can attest (since he helped us pack up the moving truck this past August), I have A LOT of books. This was just one of them.Eli, thanks for the info.

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  325. The Truffaut film is also notable for the fact that he pulled Bernard Herrmann out of retirement (he had fallen from grace with Hitchcock in a big way following the aborted score for Torn Curtain) to score Fahrenheit. It’s a really impassioned work from the master of the short psychological motive. Well worth checking out again.(I promise I will call you on Tuesday!!!)

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  335. We're just going to have to keep occupying Afghanistan and shooting Afghans until they learn to appreciate us.I agree with Derbyshire. We should have bombed the hell out of them without ever setting foot in the country. And I don't care what they think one way or another – if necessary we can train them like dogs, with a B-52 rolled-up newspaper.

  336. Does this mean that we will no longer have the option to opt out and stay with the ‘old ICHC’? I hope that those of us who prefer the old format will be able to continue as before. For me, the interaction with like-minded people is very important, and will be more so as I become less able to get out and about. Lolcats has kept me from climbing up the wall during enforced confinement to the house. I am not sure that the beta version will give the same community feel that is, to me, the most important part of ICHC as it is at present. I hope this is not kthxbai.

  337. Re Economic Darwinism’s comment – you have expressed it well – the rationale behind the new role for the IMF is precisely an IMF put i.e. a safety net under the global financial system to protect it from itself.Maybe it’s just my imagination getting a little over-heated but that sounds like the ultimate Ponzi scheme.

  338. Well, OK, they didn’t win but the Razorbacks put on a valient 4th quarter comeback. That’s something. Ole Miss isn’t a bad team. That’s something too. So its still something to build on. Get a win against the throwing Malzahns next week and there’s definitely the start of something good.Somebody please beat Bama.

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